Solomon Muyundo got raised by his mother who sold fish, rice and peas among other things to pay for the school fees. Whenever he got home from school, he helped his mother cleaning the house. He thought homework was not for him and did not continue his study. To be able to live on his own at the age of 19, he painted shops, salons and matatus. In 2003, he joint the artist group Maasai Mbili. He started making sculptures from found materials. In 2007, he felt he had to do something about the political violence in his neighborhood Kibera, the biggest slum in Africa. Solomon, also known as Solo7, started painting messages on the rusted corrugated plates. To him, art is a form of expression, a medicine for the soul and mind. His messages are about peace and love and to support the people who all lost family and friends because of the bloodsheds. He continues to spread his messages, in English as wel as in Kiswahili. Some people even believe an artwork of Solo7 on their door will protect them from the violence.

Shot with a Kiev 88 in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya (2018).